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How long will it take to complete my website?

This all depends on the scope of your project of course - generally speaking, you can plan on 4-6 weeks from our Essence conversation to Launch. If you'd like to see more about what the process looks and feels like, head over here.

Once completed, who owns my website and its content?

Following the Launch of your new website, I will transfer ownership to you and in doing so, will also give you full rights to the intellectual property within. I will guide you through everything you need to know during the Launch phase of our collaboration.

After my website is launched, how do I maintain and update it? Can you help?

2 questions, 2 answers here - yes, of course I can help! (in a couple of different ways...)

I do offer ongoing support on a month-to-month basis, the details of which will look different based upon your individual needs: from basic cosmetic updates to more advanced maintenance* like security, backups, & SEO.
(*these are the components I would recommend as being essential; whether we have the opportunity to continue our relationship together or you choose to look elsewhere for support.)

For Basic Updates:
One of my goals is to return autonomy to you - of course, it is up to you how you utilize your newfound time. For some, that means putting more of that time back into your own passions, and I completely get that.

For others, that means getting your hands a little dirty. I believe that creativity and expression flow more freely when you are empowered with the understanding you need in order to most effectively utilize your platform. Whether it is a new blog post, updating some images, changing some words, etc., these are things you can do if you choose, and I will help guide you through every step. Just because you don't want to pour the foundation and build the walls, doesn't mean you can't paint the house.

In either case, I work to help create space for you to do what you do best, however you choose to do it.

How is payment structured and do you offer payment plans?

For every website project, payment is split into 3 parts: a 30% deposit to reserve your place in my production calendar, 35% at the start of the project, and 35% at the end of the project.

Following your deposit, if entering a month-by-month payment contract is what works best for you, I am happy to talk through the details with you.

How do I know if our collaboration is a good fit?

Let's find out! Take a look around, here may be helpful, or maybe here. Or, send me a message directly and let's connect!

Still have questions? Share them here and I will get back to you within 72 hours.