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Hey! I'm Eric!

I thought about listing my favorite food and color, and all of the things my family and I do in our spare time, but that would kind of be like calling you, blabbing on and on without ever asking you a question, and then just hanging up when I ran out of things to say - or worse, leaving you on the line, setting the phone down, and walking away. I prefer more of a 2-way conversation. If you do as well:

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Boundliss Media - photo of Eric Daft, CEO and Founder of Boundliss Media smiling for the camera in a coral-toned pullover which he both got a great bargain on and personalized himself.  Its surprisingly comfortable given its otherwise constrictive appearance.  He is currently strongly considering purchasing additional colors.
Boundliss Media - capital letter B logo for Boundliss Media.

boundliss media

If you called me out for saying, just a minute ago, that I wasn't going to carry on - you would be right.

With that disclaimer out of the way - let me share a few things that I think are important.
I started Boundliss Media because I believe in all of our ability to be unlimited in our capacity for creativity and in our capacity to use that creativity to lift one another up. Sometimes, we need a hand bringing those world-shifting ideas to life.

So let's roll this big, blue marble forward together - one pixel (or vector path) at a time.

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