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If you are familiar with the community, you will recognize this event as the Spring Auction, and if you are new to the community, welcome! After Dark is a curated experience for you - learn more about the essence of the event below.


As a community, we’ll lean in and strengthen our collective bond.  Living and thriving within a community is about looking deeply within and outward to the community.  Determining how we work alongside others to improve the whole - this interconnection reflects the true meaning of community– life.


Experience an interactive & playful space through each element – earth, water, fire & air.  Ground with Earth through intention & connection.  Water partners with us to flow throughout the evening in communication.  The Fire will pull us in for warmth, connection, laughter, and story sharing. Air is associated with our essence – the breath of our life.  This experience offers a choice of renewal, belonging, growth, and collective FUN!  


We need you.  We rely on our members, students, donors, and volunteers to work alongside us in our greatest collective endeavor: to develop free human beings who can, themselves, impart purpose & direction to their lives. It is our Responsibility to be & do.

why champion for waldorf?

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You are freed.  Your motion in the world, which must first start with your own heart and home – relieves disconnection and disassociation bred from inaction of all kinds and brings change with love, grit & grace, & honor.  

Deeper compassion brings you to a place of empowerment driven by love and releases any disempowerment. This is to say: instead of preaching about change or simply talking, you become it.  You deposit your participation and being-ness into creating the world in which you want to live.  Where we all want to live.  Where your children, our children, live.   

As you own your power, not only does your confidence grow, but your agency, your capacity, will, love, and creative potential.  Your influence creates ripples of impact.   

You are crystal clear  where you lend your voice and resources to, you are the most effective advocate for change you’ve ever been

yes & know

Yes, I want to actively participate in a movement, in a community that learns, grows, expands, and embodies alongside one another

What do I need to KNOW?

AFTERDARK tickets go on sale April 29th

LIVE & SILENT AUCTION items collected NOW – ongoing

Contact Tina Nagel & Laura Schultz for any questions or to simply send love

Yes, we know we do not have a location listed.

Allow us to surprise you.  We give our word it will be in decent driving distance.

Yes, we need EVERYONE to help.

There is always a place for you.  Promise it won’t be too much.  Unless we have no volunteers and then it will be – for those that do volunteer.

thank you!

Be on the lookout for weekly communication!

With Love,
Laura, Kumar, Margaret, Elizabeth, Tina, &
All whom have contributed and all who will!

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